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Distance Learning Successes

Students at Catholic schools continued to thrive as our remote learning programs ensured every child's education continued in a well supported and caring environment.

Catholic Academies and Parish Schools of Brooklyn and Queens

A message from Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent of Schools and Bishop James Massa, Vicar for Catholic Education thanking parents of prospective students for exploring the benefits of Catholic education in Brooklyn and Queens.

"BookFace 2.0" Challenge

Catholic teachers across the city were looking for creative ways to maintain students' interest while distance learning. Librarian and music teacher Susanna Barry created what she calls "BookFace 2.0". A project asking students to recreate a famous work of art, book cover, or movie poster using whatever they have at home. It's a lesson proving social distancing doesn't have to limit creativity.


Catholic Academy and School communities within the Diocese of Brooklyn educate nearly 45,000 students in Brooklyn and Queens from early childhood through high school.
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