St. Camillus Partnership with Molloy College

St. Camillus Partnership with Molloy College

| Published on: November 8, 2018 |

St. Camillus Catholic Academy is dedicated to providing a safe, intimate and nurturing learning environment that is rich in spiritual and academic growth. We strive to meet each child’s individual learning style and ability, support their successes and overcome their weaknesses.

For the 2018- 2019 school year, we have partnered with Molloy College to capitalize on our small class sizes and concentrate on meeting our students’ needs in the classroom and beyond. The partnership between SCCA and Molloy College was fostered by the Diocese of Brooklyn, especially by our Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Chadzutko.

Our partnership began with two professional development days with faculty members from Molloy College in August. Those two days included analysis of diagnostic test data and group discussions about the needs of our students. Several coaching visits, during which Molloy faculty observed the SCCA faculty, provided feedback, and interacted with our faculty and students have already taken place. More have been planned for the future.

On Friday, Nov. 2, 2018 Molloy College staff led by Maggie Blair, again, observed our faculty and took active part in lessons. At the end of the day the Molloy faculty facilitated professional development with our faculty. The focus was to current research and higher level thinking strategies to incorporate into our lessons. The ultimate goal is to bring each student to a new level of thinking and learning.