Curriculum & Standards

Standards-Based Teaching and Learning is a part of our philosophy of academic excellence. Our teachers share a common goal of teaching the standards we follow while understanding that each student may learn at different times and in different ways. In recent years, we have adopted new standards and frameworks in English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. In 2017, New York State released the Next Generation Standards, a replacement for the Common Core.

A deeper & wider
approach to learning

The New York State standardized test results show that students in Brooklyn and Queens Catholic elementary schools surpassed their public-school peers in the English language component with students earning a strong standing in Mathematics. Learn More

Beyond the Classroom

Real-world experiences are a part of all that we teach. Making information relevant to students helps them learn in every subject area.
– Clubs & Activities
– Special Programs
– Student Events

In Partnership with Parents

Parents are encouraged to get involved, participating in events and collaborating with teachers to understand how and what their children are learning.