Registration will begin 9:00 am EST on August 24, 2020

Dear Grade 8 Parents, Students, Principals and Guidance Counselors:

There is no question that COVID-19 has changed the way students learn and testing students has been greatly impacted as well. It is still unclear what fall will look like. The safety and health of students, teachers and administrators, is, and will always be, our main concern. Keeping that as our main priority, we will be administering the TACHS exam as an online, at-home remote test in fall 2020. 

  • Prior to registration, Review online remote testing system and device requirements and understand and be able to consent to the use of Proctorio; the Artificial Intelligence system that will monitor and record your student’s test session. More information will be added to the website by August 17. 
  • Register for the exam via internet or telephone beginning at 9:00 AM EST on August 24, 2020. Register before the deadline on October 23, 2020, at 5:00 PM EST. No late registration or walk-in students will be allowed this year. 
  • When registration is completed, you will receive an email. Read the email thoroughly for other important information and “next steps”. 
  • The deadline for submitting an extended testing time accommodation form and supporting documentation to your Diocese is October 9, 2020.  The form can be found online at: www.tachsinfo.com
  • After you register, (you will require your assigned TACHS ID) but prior to 5:00 PM EST on November 5, 2020, enter your three (3) High School choices on tachsinfo.com. Your choices may be edited up until November 5 (5:00 PM EST). Failure to complete this information prior to November 5, will result in scores being unavailable to your High School choices. 
  • Between Nov 1-5, access your test date/time/test session code on tachisnfo.com. You will not be able to start your test session on the day/time of testing without this information, Students will test on the day assigned to their aligned diocese. There will be (3) different start times. Students will be randomly assigned to start times, and no time preference can be accepted. 
  • The Student Handbook will only be available via a PDF on the website. It will be available by August 17, 2020. Please read it thoroughly.

Important: Public and private school students must provide their 8th grade counselor or teacher with a copy of the Applicant Record form with Section A completed, ask them to complete the remaining three sections and photocopy as needed. A school official should mail copies of the Applicant Record to each of the student’s (3) HS choices prior to December 16, 2020.  A copy of the Applicant Record can be found online at: www.tachsinfo.com

Catholic elementary academies and schools will complete the TACHS Applicant Record online for registered students.

Please refer to the TACHS 2020 website for all program details and deadlines at: www.tachsinfo.com

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