Our Team

teacher with students and laptop

Reverend Monsignor David L. Cassato

Vicar for Catholic Schools

Thomas Chadzutko Ed.D

Superintendent – Catholic School Support Services

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5419

Associate Superintendents

Elizabeth Frangella, Ed.D

Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Supervision

(718) 965-7300 ext. 2218

Mrs. Joan McMaster

Associate Superintendent for Principal and Teacher Personnel

(718) 965-7300 ext. 2224

Mrs. Diane Phelan

Associate Superintendent for Evaluation of Programs and Students

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5421

District Superintendents

Mrs. Roxanna De Pena-Elder

District Superintendent for Brooklyn

(718) 965-7300 ext. 1005

Mrs. Janet Heed

District Superintendent for Queens East

(718) 965-7300 ext. 1005

Mr. Michael LaForgia

District Superintendent for Queens West

(718) 965-7300 ext. 1005

Key Staff

Mr. Ted Havelka

Director for Enrollment Management and Financial Assistance

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5427

Ms. Katie Keville

Enrollment Management Field Representative

Mrs. Maria Viesta

Assistant Superintendent for Academy Governance

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5424

Mrs. Joanne Dreiss

Assistant Superintendent for Pre-K for All

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5422

Mr. Michael Greiner

Coordinator of Educational Technology and Data

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5557

Ms. Christina Morreale

Executive Assistant, Office of the Diocesan Bishop

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5226

Ms. Yinet Liriano

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

(718) 965-7300 ext. 5431

Mr. Carmel Addae

Administrative Assistant

(718) 965-7300 ext. 1415

For additional assistance regarding student records from closed schools, please contact the Office of Diocesan Archives at archives@diobrook.org or 718-965-7300 ext. 1002.