Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Futures In Education offers tuition assistance to students registered at a Catholic elementary school in Brooklyn or Queens (Grades K-8) through the following five scholarship programs: Diocese of Brooklyn (DOB), Bishop’s (BSP) and Be an Angel to a Student, Evangelization Scholarship and Teddy Forstmann. We are also grateful to their partner, Children’s Scholarship Fund, for matching 1:2 all donations received for the Bishop’s Scholarship Program. It is our goal to ensure no child is denied a Catholic school education due to financial constraints. We encourage you to speak with the school’s administration about the payment options available to you. For more information about the scholarship programs and how to apply, please visit Please note that Catholic high school students are not eligible for these programs. For tuition assistance for Catholic high schools, please visit Student Sponsor Partners as some of the Brooklyn and Queens high schools participate in their program. We strongly encourage you to contact the high school directly because some high schools offer financial assistance on a local school level.  Additionally, some high schools may be partnered with other organizations.