St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Academy

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Academy

| Published on: November 5, 2019 |

During the month of October the first, second,  and third graders learn about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and then go on to explore the Saints of our Church.  They learn that the saints are the Heroes for the Lord and that there are five important things to being a saint.  You must be Kind, Patient, Thankful, Truthful and Don’t Quit.

We hope that you enjoy looking at the students’  Saints costumes as much as they have enjoyed researching the lives of the Saints they chose to represent.  Please feel free to ask them questions about the people that they are representing today. They will be very proud to share what they have learned.

In a little while, the “Saints” will assemble on the stage and perform a song for you that they learned as they were learning about All Saints Day!  As they sing they will also be signing the song. Please notice the symbols for the words they are using. For instance, the sign for Saints is the letter S rotating around the world , the sign for alive is the letter L coming up around their face , the sign for Jesus is the wounds in his hands that he experienced when he was crucified.

Secondly, as you know, the Gospel for All Saints Day is centered around the Beatitudes.  Our Fourth and Fifth grade students have studied the Beatitudes and will be performing a song that they learned in order to memorize them.  Please notice, this song also incorporates sign language.