| Published on: April 3, 2020 |

Dear Parents,

Most people agree that looking at an ocean or lake is soothing. We hope that these activities have brought a sense of escape and relaxation from these unchartered waters we’ve all been thrown into.
Cast off to the next part of our ocean theme!

Janet Heed
District Supt.

Learning About Endangered Species (Gr. 2+)
These videos talk about endangered species under the sea. There is an introduction video as well as several segments discussing different animals. The videos are each under 3 minutes and your child can pick which animal (s) they want to learn about.

Ocean Creatures Matching Game
This game introduces children to different kinds of sea creatures then plays a guessing game to match the animal to its clues. (Gr. PK-1)

Relax and Unwind
Need to relax? The Monterey Bay Aquarium hosts guided meditation accompanied by video of sea creatures from the aquarium

Ocean Themed Writing Prompts
• While scuba diving you discover an underwater cave, what happens when you explore it?
• If you could be any sea creature, which would you like to be? Why?
• Write about a day living under the sea. Use your five senses to describe what you would see, hear, feel, taste, and smell

Ocean Songs and Dances


A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea


Under the Sea- Sea Animals

Gr. 3+- Exploring a Coral Reef


Materials: Green paint, green paper, potato masher, bubble wrap or sponge

Use a potato masher, bubble wrap or sponge piece to dip into green paint and then use as a stamp to make a turtle shell. Afterwards, use pieces of green paper to add arms, legs, and shell. Use a marker to add eyes or glue on googly eyes if available.

Materials: Brown paper bag, brown paper, rubber band, marker, scissors

Use a brown paper bag fill with papers scraps, then tie the bottom to create a body. Next, cut out arms, legs, and face and decorate with a black marker. Glue pieces onto the body to create an otter.

Materials: Toilet paper roll, paper, scissors, glue

Using a toilet paper roll, cut a triangle out of the top of the roll to create mouth. Add paper teeth, fins, and a tail. Then use a marker to create an eye and gills.