Celebrating Christmas 2020 to the Fullest

Celebrating Christmas 2020 to the Fullest

| Published on: December 17, 2020 |

An uncertain and frightening year has brought with it an opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a new light. The pandemic has affected each person differently, leaving the world with much to grieve, but also much for which to be thankful.

This Christmas, it will be important for us all to recall memories from previous years and to revel in the joy and nostalgia. It’s a time to come together, through faith and love, to celebrate the birth of Christ and what it means for each Catholic and his or her unique and precious relationship with God.

This year, the coming-together aspect of the holidays may be look different, but through faith and prayer, we all can celebrate Christmas 2020 and our savior safely. Below are a few creative ideas to celebrate the holidays fully despite each obstacle placed before us by this unprecedented year.

Christmas Zoom Toast

One of the best ways to stay connected with the people you love outside of your social distancing bubble is to communicate videoconferencing software such as Zoom. Up to 100 participants can join the call, allowing you to see the smiling faces of your entire family or friend group. Play Christmas music in the background and reminisce about the year and those past.

Go Overboard on the Decorating

Now more than ever, we need the cheer and joy of the holidays, and what better way to spread the Christmas spirit than through an above-and-beyond Christmas display? If you and your family normally just pull the Christmas tree out of storage and throw up a few string lights in front yard, consider spicing the season up with extra garland or lights in creative spots around your home, such as the staircase, bedrooms, or kitchen. Whether it’s a opting for a fresh-cut Christmas tree or trying out a new recipe this Christmas dinner, make this year special for all the right reasons.

Make a Commemorative Ornament with Your Children

For better or for worse, this year’s holiday season will be one to remember. In the years to come, your children will look back on how 2020 has impacted them and the world around them. On the back of the decorated ornament, have your children write out in paint or marker the things they are most thankful for, or things they hope for the year to come.

While Christmas this year will be unlike any other, there are so many ways and reasons to chase the spirit of the holidays and the absolute joy it can bring us all.