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Freckle Face-Off

Freckle Face-Off

School Blog | Published on: May 9, 2021 |

CTN sponsors the first Freckle Math Face-Off Challenge beginning February 7, 2022. This challenge is open to all students in Grades K-8 who will work for 2 weeks to achieve a level of personal growth.

The Face-Off centers around the Adaptive Math feature of Freckle, an online platform developed by Renaissance.

CTN has been offering spring math challenges for 9 years. The Face-Off Challenge is unique in that it is student centered.  Students set their own goals of growth, which improves motivation and student outcomes. The Face-Off will award levels of recognition for highest percentage of growth to top schools, classes and students.

Besides a trove of coins to outfit a personal avatar, incentives include banners, goodie bags and certificates.

This year marks our first collaboration with Renaissance, and what an important year it is. With the unprecedented student experience of learning during a pandemic, great emphasis has been on creating ways to bolster math skills. Freckle’s algorithm assures
that students are working on material that dynamically adapts so they are challenged at their own level. With over 50,000 math questions covering the Next Generation Standards, students engage with a variety of math problems focused on specific skills.
Students set a goal and grow with The Freckle Face-Off.