Catholics and the Changing Seasons: How It Affects Your Faith

Catholics and the Changing Seasons: How It Affects Your Faith

| Published on: October 21, 2021 |

On the surface, change and permanence appear to be complimentary but mutually exclusive notions, similar to light and darkness or war and peace. Change, by definition, is transitory, whereas permanence is constant. Attempting to reconcile the two results in a sense of contradiction and mystery.

However, God conceals Himself in mystery while simultaneously revealing Himself through it in ways that the human intellect cannot understand fully. He lives as one God in three distinct and coequal personalities, all of whom are one God.

The second person of the Trinity has become genuinely human as well as completely divine via the Incarnation, the two natures dwelling within one man. Beyond that, God lives forever, which is unavoidably constant, yet He also thinks, wills, and acts, all of which need some form of change.

The Role of Change in Catholic Faith
As with faith, change exists most noticeably with the changing seasons. Major life changes can be planned or unplanned. It’s possible that you’ve made plans to get married, change careers, or have a family. Losing a job, a dreadful illness, a divorce, or having children are all examples of unanticipated changes. Regardless of how these kinds of changes enter your life – whether they’re planned or not – you have to make decisions to make them beneficial.

While our lives as humans are filled with ups and downs, there are certain things that remain constant. These moorings can aid us in remaining stable in the face of turbulence. Because we are Catholics, we have access to this kind of serenity because of our trust in Jesus Christ.

Keeping Faith During Changing Seasons
Energy in our surroundings shifts with the changing seasons. And since we are spiritual creatures, we reverberate that change. What makes you happy in the winter will deplete your energy in the summer. Springtime activities will not depress you in the fall, similarly. It’s critical to be open to new ideas. As long as it keeps us moving, we’ll be alive and present. The only thing you can count on is change, so get used to it.

Fall is a period of dying in the natural world. Death and rebirth are two separate concepts that occur with the changing seasons. You should take some time to go within and think about what you find. Now is a good moment to concentrate. Summer is winding down, which means you have more time to think about making changes. It’s also calmer, which makes it easier to hear your inner voice. Be open to any shifts the season brings your way.