Spiritual Resolutions for Catholics in the New Year

Spiritual Resolutions for Catholics in the New Year

| Published on: January 28, 2022 |

Every year, people enter the new year committed to their resolutions as a means of setting goals for the months to come. However, we rarely pause to consider where our resolutions come from, or to what end these resolutions will truly serve our growth in the months to come.

A common resolution for many people, for example, is to make healthier choices and eat more nutritiously. More often than not, these resolutions fail us – not because of inherent ability, but rather an incomplete understanding of ourselves and our hopes.

As Catholics, we have an obligation to go forth and spread the word of God just as Christ would. In order to do this successfully, it’s important to establish New Year’s resolutions that endure both the test of time and the test of our relationship with our Catholic faith. One of the most enlightening ways to do this is to establish (and stick to!) a spiritual resolution for the new year.

Below are three examples of spiritual resolutions to inspire you as you strive to put your best foot forward in the new year.

Pray the Rosary Regularly
The rosary is a tradition that many Catholics hold dear to their hearts, often having learned from their parents. Some people recite it on a daily basis, while others may be more sporadic with their prayers. Still others, on the other hand, rarely touch their rosaries – and some may have never prayed the rosary in their lives. But that’s OK! Set aside time each day to reflect on the lives of Jesus and Mary by praying the rosary regularly.

Study the Bible
Because our faith is grounded in the teachings of Jesus, it’s crucial for us as Catholics to become well-versed in His Word. Reading the Bible on a daily basis will lead you to a basic understanding of God and your Catholic faith. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the content at some points – keep going, look up the terms or concepts that confuse you, and reflect on how the stories and lessons in the Bible parallel your own hopes and desires for the future.

Read Catholic Literature
When we read spiritual books and Catholic literature even beyond the Bible, we can quickly expand our understanding of not only our faith, but also how and why our scriptures and traditions are structured the way they are. Reading Catholic literature is a great spiritual resolution for the new year.

Making 2022 a Year of Spiritual Growth
With the new year in full swing, make it a priority to strengthen your relationship with God and put your best foot forward in 2022.