What is the difference between a school and an academy in Brooklyn and Queens?

A Catholic school is governed by the parish, so the pastor is directly in charge.

An academy is governed by a two-tiered board that is comprised of a Board of Directors and a Board of Members. The Board of Directors is composed of lay people who work with the principal, and the Board of Members is composed of clergy and safeguards the Catholic identity of the academy. In some cases the “Board of Members” oversee multiple academies.

Every school within the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens will become an academy by the year 2017. A more detailed description of the school and academy structure is here; you will also find parent information should your school be transitioning to an academy.

Brooklyn Catholic academy and school governance model

What is Preserving the Vision?

Preserving the Vision is the name of the strategic planning process that will insure the future of Catholic education in the Diocese of Brooklyn. The process involves essential goals such as fostering Catholic identity and expanding development. To learn more about these goals, please visit our Preserving the Vision page.

What is the Office of the Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services?

The Office of the Superintendent is the diocesan office dedicated to providing support services and guidance to Catholic elementary schools/academies within the diocese. The Office of the Superintendent also provides limited services to Catholic high schools in Brooklyn and Queens.

Where do I obtain my transcript record if the school I once attended has closed?

Simply click here and contact the diocesan archives office.

How can I find out what the schools/academies near me have to offer?

This website provides general information regarding schools/academies within the diocese. The best way to find out specific offerings of the schools/academies near you is to ask them. Although many provide descriptions on their websites that can give you a great starting point, a phone call or a visit is the best way to get the most updated and accurate information.

What should I ask when I visit a school/academy?

Visiting a school/academy is the best way to get a sense of it. It gives you the opportunity to speak with the staff and to move through the environment to see if it feels right for your children and your family. In addition to experiencing the school/academy, you can learn about it. Some things you might ask about are:

  • Class size and school size
  • Composition of the faculty and staff
  • Religious formation programs
  • Academic programs
  • Enrichment programs
  • Remediation programs
  • Special services
  • School nutrition program
  • Transportation services
  • Tuition
  • Registration requirements
  • Uniforms
  • Early drop-off program
  • After-school program
  • Extra-curricular activities and school hours
  • Sports
  • Clubs
  • Facilities (gym, outdoor playground, computer lab, etc.)
  • Technology
  • High school and college partnerships
  • Scholarships and Tuition Assistance
Can my child attend a Catholic school/academy even though we are not Catholic?

Yes, our Catholic schools/academies welcome children of all faiths, and you will find that some are very diverse. All can benefit from the education provided in our schools/academies.

What types of scholarship opportunities are available for Catholic school?

For families experiencing economic hardship, Futures in Education and the Diocese of Brooklyn offer tuition assistance for elementary students (Pre-K to 8th grade) through two partial-scholarship programs, and the Be an Angel Program. Visit our scholarships and tuition assistance page for more information.

Can you provide the New York State test results of a particular school/academy?

Although The Office of the Superintendent~Catholic School Support Services does publish the aggregated test results for Catholic schools/academies within Brooklyn and Queens, the decision to publish test scores of individual schools is a local decision. If you would like to know the overall test scores for a particular school/academy, you must call to ask if they can provide you with the information.

My child attends Catholic school, but I do not have his/her New York State test results. How do I obtain this information?

Because only the individual school/academy is provided with its student test results, only the principal at that school/academy has access to State test results. The schools/academies send student results home once they are released by the state. If you have not received this information, please call the school/academy to obtain the results.

My child attends Catholic school, but I do not have his/her Terra Nova test results. How do I obtain this information?

Parents of each student in grades 3-8 will receive a Home Report from their school/academy. If you have not received the information, please call the school/academy to obtain the results.

My child attends Catholic school, but I do not have his/her TACHS test results. How do I obtain this information?

If your child took the TACHS test in November, you will receive a Home Report either from your Catholic school/academy or in the mail from Riverside at the end of January. If you do not receive your TACHS results, you should contact Riverside Publishing before March at 1-866-618-2247.

What test scores do my children need to be admitted into Catholic High School?

Each high school has its own admissions requirements. To find out more, you should contact the high schools and attend open houses for schools that your child may want to apply to.  Please view our High School Guide (PDF) for information on admissions and open houses.