Blast Off Into Learning!

Blast Off Into Learning!

| Published on: March 24, 2020 |

Story Time in Space

Use the link below to listen to watch an astronaut read a story from the International Space Station. For older students, check out the “Science Time Videos” tab to watch experiments completed by the astronauts.

Space Racers

This is an animated series for younger students featuring space. The website has videos, games, and also a “Parents” tab that includes activities that can be done at home involving space.

Earth from Space

This site houses a collection of photos of the Earth from space. Students can look for familiar locations from around the world and the US.

Space Themed Writing Prompts
• You’ve just landed on the moon. Use your senses to describe what you see, hear, feel, and touch.
• If you want to space, what three items would you want to bring with you? Why would you bring these items?
• Write a journal entry from the point of view of an astronaut

Add pictures to your writing to highlight important ideas.

Space “Jams” (PK-2)
Eight Planets Dance Along

Planet Song

Space Crafts

Materials: White paper, marble, paint, plastic spoon, container with raised sides

space artwork crafts projectCut out a planet shape. Then dip a marble in washable paint and use a spoon to move it around the shape. The rolling marble creates swirls as seen on planets. Roll the marble inside a container with raised sides to keep the marble from rolling away.

space artwork crafts projectMaterials: Black paper, constellation images, chalk, star stickers or yellow crayon to draw stars

Give your child an image of a constellation (available on Google images). Have them use star stickers or draw star shapes to recreate the constellation. Use chalk or white crayon to connect the stars and write the constellation name.

space artwork crafts projectMaterials: Phases of the moon pictures, oreos/ black and white paper

Give your child images of the moon phases. Using oreos or black/white paper pieces have your child recreate the order of the moon phases. If using oreos, your child can use a plastic or butter knife to remove enough frosting to replicate the phases