3 Family Activities to Bring the Fun Back to Your Child's Summer

| Published on: June 18, 2020 |

After an overwhelming spring season, your child could use a summer of fun and lightheartedness. You may be wondering how to best plan an engaging summer for your child during the pandemic, but no fear – some sunshine and quality time in the outdoor heat are simple elements of the hottest season of the year that will inspire your child for the months to come.
Arts and Crafts Party
What about the classroom environment does your child miss most? If you have a creative child, arts and crafts are the perfect way to remain connected to traditional, in-class learning outside the classroom. Activities are made even more fun by the prospect of summer, so make arts and crafts parties the new addition to your summer weekly routine.
Not too crafty yourself? There are a number of free resources available online for craft inspiration. For general ideas, explore Pinterest boards dedicated to DIY crafts for kids. For specific craft instructions, browse websites such as EasyPeasyandFun.com or TheSpruceCrafts.com.
Growing a Family Garden
Gardening is an incredible way to bond with your child this summer. Find a special place in your yard to begin your garden. Gather the necessary gardening tools you’ll need for the types of plants or flowers you wish to grow (let your child pick the plants!), including watering cans, gardening gloves, pails, and hand tools.
Don’t be afraid to let you child explore the nature around you and get dirty, and do your best to answer his or her questions (even if you don’t have much of a green thumb). Emphasize the importance of care in the growing of living things. Teach responsibility by instructing your child on how to care for the world—one backyard at a time.
Family Game or Movie Night
For so many families, game or movie nights are already a family tradition. On rainy or extra-hot days, pick a family favorite game or movie, sit together on the carpet or sofa, and enjoy the company of the people that matter most.
Each night, alternate which person gets to choose the game or movie. Add even more to the fun with your child’s favorite late night snack, and top the evening off with his or her favorite nighttime ritual. (If you don’t already have one, make one together this year!)