Preparing for the TACHS Exam

Preparing for the TACHS Exam

| Published on: October 21, 2022 |

As your child starts 8th grade, you may be thinking about High School options. We hope that you plan to build on the values and academic rigor started during their Catholic School elementary years. Catholic High School is the next step for your 8th grader!

Admissions require your child to take the TACHS exam.
The registration deadline is October 27, 2022.
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Furthermore, you can learn more about preparation by downloading the parent guide here:

While you register and read the guide, here are some tips for your child to prepare for the TACHS exam!

Understanding the TACHS Exam
Before taking the TACHS exam, your child should be aware of what the test entails. TACHS, short for Test for Admissions into Catholic Schools, is used by schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens, the Archdiocese of New York, and the Diocese of Rockville Centre to determine whether students are accepted into a Catholic school of their choosing.

To prepare for the test, students must be ready to tackle 200 multiple-choice questions on four subjects: Math, Language, Reading, and Abilities.

Math deals with problem-solving, graphs, fractions, decimals, integers, sequences, plane geometry, word problems, etc. Language, on the other hand, oversees a student’s capability to form sentences and paragraphs alongside spelling, grammar, punctuation, and more. Reading is a more overhead form of language, as it tests reading comprehension and vocabulary. Ability tests for reasoning and problem-solving.

There’s no passing or failing grade for the TACHS exam, as every school determines its own standards for acceptance based on test results.

Studying for the TACHS Exam
The best way to prepare for this test is to work on each section of the TACHS exam.
The reading comprehension section will test your ability to read and understand passages, then answer questions about them. Reviewing these passages will help you build up your skills in reading comprehension so that you are better prepared when taking the actual exam. You should also practice writing essays based on prompts provided by TACHS and other practice tests that they provide online so that you have experience with writing an essay before taking their actual test.

In math, there are multiple types of questions that can be asked: word problems with numbers and variables, graphs, numerical answers in tables or charts, etc.

Additionally, it’s important not just knowing how many hours per day were spent studying but also which methods worked best! For example one person might find memorizing formulas helpful, while another may not feel ready until they’ve done some research into concepts behind each one.”

Enroll in a TACHS Prep Course
If you need extra assistance in preparing for the TACHS exam, it’s highly recommended that you take a TACHS prep course.

With teachers well-versed in the test requirements, your child can expect to partake in timed practice tests and receive individualized instruction. On top of that, your child will also learn strategies to better prepare them for the exam material and how to budget their time during the two and a half hour test.’

Take a Practice TACHS Exam
At the end of it all, taking a practice TACHS exam should give you an idea of how you’d fare in a real-life test-taking situation. After the hours of arduous studying and preparation, use practice exams as a means to test out your time-budgeting skills and figure out what areas you need to focus on ahead of your actual test.

Be Mindful of Health
Of course, while preparing for the TACHS exam requires some rigorous preparation, it’s important to take care of your child’s mental and physical health. Make sure you allow your child ample breaks and time limits from studying. On top of that, ensure they eat healthy foods that promote positive cognitive output, like fruits and vegetables. Lastly, ensure they’re getting a good night’s sleep (8 hours if possible!), so that they wake up refreshed and recharged ahead of the next day.