3 Impactful Catholic Books to Read in the New Year

3 Impactful Catholic Books to Read in the New Year

| Published on: January 13, 2021 |

One of the most powerful ways we connect with God and strengthen our faith is through prayer. It brings us closer to understanding who we are as people, how we fit into the greater fabric of the world, and the central role that our relationship to God and faith play in our everyday lives.

In addition to prayer, though, reading has the ability to take our faith beyond our current understandings. Through the stories and perspectives of those who have walked paths toward salvation before us, we are able to learn more and, ultimately, grow in our love of Christ so that we may better share our faith with those closest to us.

In a time when so much tragedy has struck the nation, the practice of actively strengthening our faith is so important, now more than ever. For so many reasons, your child may be experiencing some feelings that are overwhelming and scary. To help your older child navigate those emotions, below are three impactful Catholic books you can encourage him or her to read in the New Year.

The Bible

Encouraging your child to read the Bible may seem obvious, but stop and consider how turning to the Word of God in times of crisis will affect a young person for the rest of his or her lifetime. When darkness threatens to overwhelm us, our faith is often the one thing that will help shine the light back into our lives. If your child has never done a complete reading of the Bible, the New Year may be the perfect opportunity to embark on this important spiritual journey. When life becomes too dark to bear, the Bible will reveal the path toward happiness once more.

The Emotions God Gave You by Art and Laraine Bennett

This book is a wonderful starting place for understanding difficult feelings and emotions in times of darkness. Often, these emotions arise when we least expect or desire them to, and it can be difficult to move past them. But, as with all things, God gives us the strength and wisdom to overcome them, and that is the premise that the Bennetts aim to highlight through the exploration of life’s toughest questions: Why do we feel the way we do, and how can we achieve spiritual and emotional equilibrium despite those feelings?

Letters to a Young Catholic by George Weigel

Targeting the younger generation, this book serves as a thorough exploration of what it means to be a Catholic. By incorporating humanistic elements such as history, literature, theology, and music, Weigel offers a fantastic overview of Catholic beliefs and teachings throughout time – from the faith’s ancient beginnings to the modern-day.