COVID-19: How to Inform and Reassure Your Child

It’s important to keep your children informed about the world around them. With news of the Coronavirus spreading faster each day, children may easily feel confused, worried, and overwhelmed. They may wonder, what’s happening? What is the Coronavirus? How will it affect my family and me? Don’t leave your children in the dark. Instead, establish […]

PDHP: This Is Prevention

Hello Parents & Community. Allow me to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Cary Anne Fitzgerald. I am the Parent & Community Outreach Coordinator for the Program for the Development of Human Potential (PDHP). PDHP has been a part of the Diocese of Brooklyn for more than 40 years and is funded […]

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy of Bayside

When the Saints go marching in! Third grade Saints and Msgr. Machalski. Some of the saints represented are Saint Rose of Lima, Saint Francis of Assisi, St. Therese de Lisieux, Saint Dominic, Saint Rafael and Saint Michael. Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Bernadette, Saint Teresa, Saint Aaron and more.